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FunBox aims to provide the best quality and value in digital entertainment for gamers from all over the world.


Crisis Public Relation Solution

Long-term Public Opinion polls

7 x 24 Constant public opinion polling, solving problems from the front end of case development

Close Media / Community Relations

Use influential media to suppress negative public opinion and shape positive public opinion.

Steam Score

Using curators to influence game public opinion on Steam and maintain game review scores.

Community Operation

Official Account Operation

Set up an official account on social media platforms, including Weibo, BiliBili, TikTok covering full account operations such as game information announcements, producer interviews, community activities.

Feedback collection

We directly collect player feedback from social media platforms, and based on this, we provide improvement suggestions to help game developers better communicate and collaborate with players.

Integrated Marketing Communication

Customized Marketing Strategy

Combined with our solid understanding of the Chinese market, formulate a better marketing strategy based on the game's features and audience.

Influencer matrix

We have cooperated with over 100 game influencers on HeyBox, Bilibili, TikTok and other platforms. We can always find the most suitable influencer to promote your game.

Offline Events' Planning and Execution

Maximize the games influence by bringing the game to different offline EXPO/conference/game festival,etc.

Creative Assets Planning

We create, redesign, localize your arts and market audiovisual assets for exposure on the steam store page and other channels in the Greater China region.

QA & Localization【Publishing Exclusive】

We provide professional game testing/reviews and localization teams to ensure the success of your game.

HeyBox Product Matrix Long-term Support 【Publishing Exclusive】

We rely on the HeyBox app to form a powerful product matrix to serve your games, including: HeyBox; HeyBox Accelerator; HeyBox Talk; HeyBox Workshop

About Us

Funbox was founded by a group of game enthusiasts. We provide professional publishing and marketing services in the Mandarin-speaking region for games worldwide based on our deep understanding of games and extensive experience in the game industry.

Company Overview

FunBox is headquartered in Shanghai. We built up a powerful team of 100+ experienced members which has successfully helped 100+ games with its marketing promotion in China.

Marketing Resource

As the greatest strength of FunBox, the synergies between our marketing resources make our service the most cost-effective and the most efficient. Our self-owned APP HeyBox is the largest gaming community & platform in China with 80M+ users, which is able to significantly help enlarge the games' influence during the promotion.


FunBox now has deep partnerships with both domestic and international companies, including Microsoft, Tencent, SEGA and CD Project Red. We keep helping more publishers and developers to promote their games in China with our professional marketing service.

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